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November 2023 Newsletter

Frosty leaves

Advent – Why? Dietrich Bonhoeffer said of Advent “The celebration of Advent is possible only to those who are troubled in soul, who know themselves to be poor and imperfect, who look forward to something greater to come. For these, it is enough to wait in humble fear until the Holy One himself comes down …

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November 2022 Newsletter

An Autumn landscape showing a path lined with tried covered in golden leaves.

What was Your Bible Reading about this morning? If we read regularly and reflect on our Bible readings that’s where our wisdom comes from and how we learn to follow God’s promptings. The Russian writer Alexander Solzhenitsyn when considering the 60 million Russians lost in the country’s troubles and world wars concluded that all these …

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September 2022 Newsletter

A Happy New Methodist Year – Warm greetings are offered to all our family and friends when we celebrate a new year. Methodists mark our church’s new year on the first of September. We do not make new year resolutions as Christians but to everyone who worships with us and acknowledges Jesus as their Saviour, we …

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