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Hall Hire

Our hall, which is accessed on Walmer Street, is the perfect place for small gatherings and parties. There is a decent sized space in the hall itself, with tables and chairs which you can set up in various ways. We have a modern kitchen, complete with oven and dishwasher, plus a fridge and freezer, enabling you to cater for your event within the venue itself. And for smaller gatherings there is a small lounge, which is ideal for meetings. 

Please look through the images below to see the different areas mentioned above, and contact us if you’d like to make a booking. 

Please note that there is a step at the outer door on Walmer Street, however there is a ramp available for use if needed. 

Walmer Street Entrance

Enter through the left door

Note the step (ramp is available)

The Hall (showing the entrance)

A photo of a hall with hard flooring, wood panelling around the bottom of the walls, a radiator, a table, and some blue painted double doors with glass panels.The Hall (showing the door to the kitchen)

A hall with a hard flooring, wood panelling around the bottom half of the wall, a blue painted door, and stacks of blue and orange plastic chairs in front of some large windows.
The hall (showing the back wall and side windows)

The Lounge

The Lounge set up for a meeting

The Kitchen