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October 2023 Newsletter

Lego Bricks have been used by Christian folk for quite a few years to express how we should build our Christian lives brick by brick. We are called to be faithful so what does that word mean to us each day?

Buildings need upkeep or else we have holes in the roof, doors hanging off their hinges; broken windows, dripping taps, woodworm – so we care for our homes to keep them sturdy and fit to live in. Our faith is like this – if we ignore building on what God wants us to be then our faith will be soft and little use to building God’s kingdom.

In Colossians Paul addresses the Christians there as “Faithful in Christ” but what does that mean for us – can we be addressed as those faithful in Christ by how we live each day? Do we pray continually, give thanks in all circumstances? Are you worthy of respect, sincere and do not pursue dishonest gain? Do we realise that our faithfulness or lack of faithfulness becomes an example to others? What does this word ‘ faithfulness’ means for us?

It shows our loyalty and trust in God’s promises, even when things are difficult or we are faced with temptation; it is a reflection of our relationship with God and how we show our love of Him in all aspects of our lives, in our thoughts, words and actions. The variety of colourful and different sized lego bricks have to be put together in the right order to build a good structure and we in our varied natures, cultures and upbringings need to keep building a strong faith by using the bricks God has given – prayer, thanks, sincerity and love for each

Services in October

Worship at 10:30am

1st – Revd R Mottershead – Harvest Festival Parade
8th – Kate Brumby-Ellis
15th – Own Arrangements
22nd Revd J Matthews – Holy Communion
29th – Revd T M Nowell – Cafe

Dates for your Diary

Mon. 02 – Craft & Friendship – 10.30-noon
Tues. 03 – First Tuesday Circle – 2pm speaker from EDAN
Mon. 09 – Craft & Friendship – 10.30am-noon
Wed. 11 – Church Council – 2pm in church
Mon. 16 – Craft & Friendship – 10.30am-noon
Mon. 23 – Craft & Friendship – 10.30am-noon
Sat. 28 – Coffee Morning – 10-11am
Mon. 30 – Craft & Friendship – 10.30am-noon

We invite everyone to join us at these meetings, you will be warmly welcomed. Monday mornings are open to anyone to bring along their own craft or just come for a chat and a drink. We share a simple lunch from midday and look forward to sharing our time together.

In the colder months we will also invite those who need a warm space in on Monday mornings.

Our First Tuesday Circle has grown out of our Women’s Circle and Men’s group. As members were few at each meeting it was a good idea to join together so that visiting speakers had a good number with whom to share. Please come along to our friendly group and enjoy the speakers we have arranged for the coming sessions. On Tuesday, 3rd October our speaker
will be from EDAN – End Domestic Abuse Now.

As the year progresses we shall hold our Bible studies for the different seasons of the church so look out for the dates of our Advent study.

Environmental Concerns

As we in the rich western world do our part in looking after God’s creation we will have an effect on what else is happening in the world and show that we care about our neighbours in parts of the world suffering the devastating results of earthquake, flood and climate change.

Do not hesitate to tell shopkeepers that plastics need replacing; fashion needs to be fairly made and paid for and water used wisely . Wherever you see something that should be altered for the sake of our environment it is easier than ever with the technology we have to make your views known, so don’t wait if you believe it will improve our world.

It is easy in our comfortable world to sit back and be glad that we are not in suffering parts of the world but this is not what God calls us to. We recently promised in our Covenant service ‘put me to doing…let me be employed by you…’ so live out your faith with confidence and care and work to make a difference.

Lord Jesus, lead us out of apathy. Give us the strength to do what is right and not to leave it to others. Where there is need, guide us towards helping. Let us not sit comfortably while others suffer but disturb us enough to lift our thoughts, prayers and ways to what you would have us say and do, for we know that in your strength and with the Holy Spirit’s power your will can be done and our commitment will be honoured. Amen

Upcoming Events

Macmillan Coffee Morning

Please support the first in our cycle of charity coffee mornings for the MacMillan Cancer Charity. Saturday, 30 September, 10-11am. Come and share friendship and help this cause which affects many families.

Harvest Festival

Celebrate Harvest Festival with us and thank God for all His blessings 10.30am Sunday 1st October – Preacher – Revd Richard Mottershead.

As we have for many years now, we shall be donating to the Community Larder where we can help those in our community who need support. If you are able please bring tins of fruit, rice pudding, tuna, meats – (eg stews, meatballs, curries), hot dogs, peas, carrots, sweetcorn, tomatoes. ‘Weetabix’ or own brand equivalent, other breakfast cereals, instant coffee (small jars), sugar (250g packs), jam, marmalade, lemon curd, pasta sauces, semi-skimmed UHT milk, instant mash, biscuits, puddings, ‘Angel Delight’ and toiletries such as soap, shampoo, deodorants, tissues, toothbrushes & toothpaste and sanitary items.

Christmas Fair

Don’t Forget our Christmas Fair! – Saturday, 25th November. Please bring your friends and family and if you can help with items for the stalls please pass them to us and we shall be most grateful.



Our Link to Hope Shoebox appeal will end on the last Sunday of September so we can send on our donations by the beginning of October. If you would like to help, the basket for your monetary gifts is at the front of church near the piano. Our gifts will go to support the Ukraine, Bulgaria, Moldova and Romania – all areas which are in need of our love and concern. The scheme ensures no-one is left out as the boxes help entire families and the elderly. Many thanks if you can help.

All We Can

All We Can is the Methodist Relief & Development Fund and rooted in the Christian faith. All We Can is an international development and relief organisation, working to see every person’s potential fulfilled. It works through partnership alongside our global neighbours most impacted by disasters, poverty and injustice to enable flourishing and resilient communities.

Other News

Family News

To all our friends unable to worship with us we send our love & prayers and blessings. Your prayers and support for our church helps all we do in our Father’s name, thank you.

New Phone Number

Please note: Irene & Terry Nowell will NO LONGER have a landline from 20th September. If you need to contact Terry his number is 07579 768910.

Deadline for the November Newsletter – 22nd October

If you have any news to share then please be aware of the above date and let us have your item a few days before.

Download a copy of the PDF

If you would like to download a PDF copy of the newsletter, you can do so here.

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